Cypress — first time.


Create project.

Example when create Cypress automation for Web “

>npm init
...Initial project detail....
>npm install cypress --save-dev>npm cypress open
...Initial cypress structure
-"cypress/integration" delete "example" folder-"cypress/integration" create folder "automation-test-store"-"cypress/integration" create file "login.js"

Code Structure

/// <reference types="Cypress" />describe("Test login via web AutomationTestStore", () => {   it("Should be able to sign up", () => {      //cypress code   });});

Diable XHR Log

Cypress X-Path

>npm install -D cypress-xpath

Random string for user and password

let randomString = Math.random().toString(36).substring(2);const email = "auto_" + randomString + randomString + "";const password = "Password1";// const securityAnswer = "Hello world";